To Place An Order

  1. Contact us by phone at (781) 431-8708, by email, or just stop our Boston office and talk to us.
  2. Include the following information: Your name, title, organization, phone number, and relevant addresses (i.e., email, Ship To, and Bill To addresses); what you are ordering: quantity, adequate description, and our price; and when you want delivery.
  3. Ask us about any bargains we have on hand - used gear, demo gear, special offers from our manufacturers, bargain bundles, etc.  We usually have a list of them in the online store, which can be purchased online if you prefer. 
  4. Oh, don't forget to include a payment method (we accept checks and most major credit cards).  For your safety, don't put your credit card number in an email.  We'd be happy to take it over the phone.

To Check On An Order's Status

  1. Contact us by phone (781) 431-8708, by email, or just stop in and say hello.
  2. It would be helpful if you have the invoice number or order details handy.
  3. Rejoice that your order is on its way.

Details, Details

If you are a large organization (such as a major college or university, a large broadcaster, a network or a major corporation, etc.) and would like to apply for a Net account, please send us your credit information.