Accusound Cable Company Fourth of July Promotion!

Save 15% on all Accusound cable from July 4th to July 18th!


Our passion is creating the finest audio cables in the world.

Since the turn of the century, Accusound has pushed the boundaries in every aspect of audio cable creation. Our proprietary designs, precision manufacturing, and stringent quality control measures set a new standard for audio cable quality and performance. We rigorously scrutinize every aspect of cable design to assure the utmost in audio integrity. We subject our cables to ongoing critical listening evaluations with world-class mastering engineers, renown audiophiles, and Grammy winning producers – the finest ears in the world. In the end, our passion, perseverance and attention to detail all work together to produce a cable that conveys audio signal like no other. While other brands have built a reputation for imparting a particular “flavor” or “character” to the audio they transmit, Accusound cables are designed with one purpose in mind – to accurately convey the music, the whole music, and nothing but the music. The individual tones, textures, dynamics of each instrument and the subtlest nuances of their interactions are revealed with stunning accuracy and clarity. With Accusound youʼll hear separation, spatialization, imaging, and depth in your music that youʼve never before experienced. From the artistʼs microphone to the audiophileʼs speakers, Accusound cables preserve music in its entirety.

Trust your ears.


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