PRODUCT UPGRADE – Introducing CEDAR Cambridge v13.1

CEDAR Audio is delighted to announce the immediate availability of CEDAR Cambridge v13.1 – an upgrade to their renowned noise reduction, speech enhancement, and audio restoration system.

This offers two small but important improvements that they included following direct feedback from customers in national sound archives and in law enforcement.

Saving processed audio and original audio in a single file

Requested by customers working in archives and libraries, this is an additional option that allows users to save their processed audio alongside the original audio in a single multi-channel file. If you select processed and original as your file format then, upon saving, the system will save your processed channels in channels 1 to n and the original audio in channels n+1 to 2n in a single file of width two (one processed, one original) to sixteen (eight processed, eight original) channels.

You can save as processed and original in any of the supported save formats.

Improved PDF report generation

Requested by customers working in forensic audio investigation, this release adds improved graphic handling and page numbering to increase compatibility with ISO/IEC 17025.


To upgrade existing systems, users should contact for download information.

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