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We are dedicated to providing the right solutions and gear for any situation. Whether you need a small product recommendation or a complete installation, we’re ready to partner with you.

d&b audiotechnik

constantly endeavors to elevate the quality of sound systems to accurately transfer passion

What started out in Korb, Germany, 1981, as a garage-based labor of love for Jürgen Daubert and Rolf Belz, (or possibly as a means of avoiding getting real jobs), has grown into a world leader in sound reinforcement technology. So much for avoiding jobs, 500 employees later. Now you know where and who. However, the concepts that propelled d&b audiotechnik into the forefront of live sound reinforcement are two-fold: First, is the belief that everyone should experience the same impeccable quality of sound, regardless of their position in the venue—or as they call it, “Democracy for listeners.”

Second, is the idea that loudspeakers and electronics should be built systemically; to work in unity as a seamless whole. As a result, d&b loudspeakers can only be driven by d&b amplifiers. While it may appear exclusive, d&b’s approach assures optimal operation, maximizing efficiency, consistency, and ease of use—not a single wasted watt, workaround, network incompatibility, or time spent researching the best amplification for the job. It’s fully integrated way of working that sets d&b out from the crowd.


Accessible via remote network, d&b amplifiers are exclusively designed and optimized to power d&b loudspeakers.

Processing and Matrix

The d&b Processing and Network range provides all the tools integrators require to build an efficient, comprehensive, and flexible audio network system.

M-Series Monitors

With exceptional clarity and power, d&b stage monitors are the “rider-friendly” global standard for performances of all kinds.

C-Series Columns

d&b C-Series Columns provide a warm, coherent sound and sleek, elegant appearance.


This large-format line array system features a number of significant engineering solutions.


The extensive S-Series provides a variety of sizes, output power and dispersion patterns to satisfy the exact demands of a permanent application and is the ideal solution for installation.


The all-encompassing Y-Series combines broadband directivity control with an extended LF performance in a compact, unobtrusive design.


With complete efficiency and broadband directivity control, the 3-way passive V-Series comprises both line array and point source systems for medium to large-scale sound reinforcement applications.


Quick and easy to handle, the E-Series offers elegant solutions for speech, music, and distributed reinforcement. Extremely versatile, they perform flawlessly as stand-alone, full range, flown, stand-mount, surround, delay, fill, and even as stage monitors.


With clean, lightweight design, as well as narrow and wide dispersion options, the A-Series arrays fit stylishly and efficiently within a wide variety of applications, including houses of worship, small- to medium-sized sports venues, opera houses, town halls, and nightclubs.


d&b subwoofers come in all shapes and sizes: large or small; mobile or fixed installation; flown or ground stacked. They provide frequency extension suitable for any sound reinforcement application.


With d&B’s T-Series, point-source meets line array offering a best-of-both-worlds solution.

d&b audiotechnik SOLUTIONS

With over three decades of experience, d&b technical solutions are born of experience, insight, and most importantly, a hands-on understanding of the everyday challenges for achieving exceptional sound. These technologies come fully integrated, or as handy toolkit options to download and slot into the d&b workflow. There are no fancy gimmicks; just practical and often pioneering techniques, methodologies, and services. However complex or commonplace the task, the goal of d&b audiotechnik is always the same: to enhance efficiency, consistency, and quality—simply and systematically.

Stress-Free Workflow

The continuously evolving d&b workflow transforms a project from concept to reality with the greatest of ease. With just a few steps, this systematic way of working brings d&b solutions to life. Putting design, performance prediction, optimization, control, and monitoring well in hand, there’s plenty of time left over for artistry.


The d&b software suite, including ArrayCalc, R1, and NoizCalc, offers precise prediction capabilities along with advanced remote control and monitoring. This set of tools provides a visual simulation of predicted performance prior to actually rigging the system, then seamlessly provides centralized remote control of the system from anywhere within the venue. System design begins with a process of loudspeaker selection, positioning, prediction, and optimization. Point sources, line arrays, and SUB arrays can be designed for the best performance with equal frequency response and level distribution over the entire listening plane. The R1 Remote control software automatically generates a graphic user interface for the entire system, providing central access to all amplifier functions through the d&b Remote network, to group controls, as well as detailed system and device diagnostics information. NoizCalc uses international standards to model far-field noise emission from ArrayCalc files, enabling users to optimize for listeners while satisfying local noise restrictions and offsite regulations.

Signal Distribution and Networking

Networking means more to d&b than just an audio transport solution. A complete d&b solution ensures comprehensive remote control capabilities, efficient audio networking possibilities and seamless interoperability and integration with other devices. To this end, d&b is wholly committed to open standards like Milan. Ultimately the goal is to establish a choice of products and protocols for d&b users, to ensure the optimum fit for each system and application.

Network audio system benefits:

Supported Network Solutions:

Dante by Audinate is a combination of hardware and software protocols designed for audio transmission over IP networks. d&b offers several products with fully integrated Dante networking.
Milan is a high-level interoperability solution that incorporates all the benefits of Audio Video Bridging (AVB) technology. d&b users can experience the open standard via the DS20 Audio network bridge.
The industry standard control protocol, Open Control Architecture (OCA/AES70) allows an entire d&b system to be integrated with control tools familiar to the end user, system designer, and integrator—with maximum efficiency and no compromise.

The Integrator’s Choice

A complete d&b solution enables integrators to deliver predictable and reliable system performance. For large or small venues. d&b installation systems are made specifically for permanent integration. The loudspeakers fit unobtrusively into any application and perform in acoustically-challenging environments. d&b amplifiers offer powerful DSP options, network system integration, and various installation-specific functions.

Empowering Technologies

Journeying beyond the typical to imagine tomorrow’s business, artistic, and social needs for sound is the core mission of d&b. Technologies are constantly evolving to tackle familiar issues creatively and consistently. They represent a deeply-rooted dedication to technology development where it is needed most; empowering a present with ever greater possibilities for sound.


Touring and Concerts

Chemical Brothers Tour
Bernstein’s Mass, Brevard Music Center
Desert Night & Day Club, Israel

Nightclubs and bars

Quiubo restaurant, Naperville, Illinois
Holon Theater of Performing Arts, Israel
Stabat Mater Room, Archiginnasio, Italy

Theater and Opera

Musical Productions

Starlight Express, Bochum Germany
Sting’s musical, “The Last Ship”
De Factorij cultural center, Brussels

Live Performance Venues

Acoustic Stage, Glastonbury
Carnegie Hall, NY, NY
Malmö Live complex, Sweden

Concert Halls

House Of Worship

Trent Vineyard, Nottingham, England
Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler, Texas
VELTINS Arena, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Sports Venues

Rice Stadium, Houston Texas
Hill’s Annual Symposium
Independence Day event, Atlanta, GA

Corporate and Industry Events

Unique Events

“K3” broadcast, Videohouse, Belgium
DOTA 2 competition, Key Arena Seattle, WA
Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama
Congress Centre, Hamburg, Germany

Education, Conference, and Government

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Cruise Ships

“Running on Waves” Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Ft. Lauderdale, FL