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What Is Meyer Sound's Constellation

Constellation is a digital approach to controlling reverberation time, early
reflections, and other key elements vital to the sonic clarity, warmth, and
resonance of a space. It comprises a complete package of design surfaces
available in custom colors to blend seamlessly with any environment; highquality loudspeakers, microphones, digital processing, patented algorithms,
along with proprietary calibration and tuning services available worldwide to
optimize acoustics in multi-purpose venues of all shapes and sizes—for all types
of performances, whether it’s an orchestra or rock concert (or both together)
and anything in between.

Meyer Sound Constellation At A Glance:


Music composition was, and still is dictated by the acoustic behavior of the venue or concert hall it will be performed in. Spaces with long RT60 (reverberation), such as a cathedral, would not be very accommodating to a funk band, as a dry space would not be welcoming to a symphonic ensemble.
Even though todays music is created and recorded in virtual space, including MIDI mockups of orchestra score, it’s done with an innate sense of the reality
space it will be performed in.

The key to a successful performance hall of any kind rests with the ability for the musicians to hear themselves clearly and interact expressively, rather than
fight the venue (something every amplified band has dealt with. And while there are physical means of adjusting the response of an acoustic space, such
as movable absorptive-reflective panels and stage shells, such solutions are expensive to install and maintain, while offering limited results—and none are
nearly as effective as Meyer Sound’s Constellation, thanks to its ability to tailor the acoustics of physical reality space.


These days, versatility sustains the life of any venue, as it always has for
musicians (specialization is for insects). With Meyer Sound Constellation’s
revolutionary technology, you can create a multi-purpose facility where you
can stage various types of performances. Constellation seamlessly integrates
with the sound system.
Instead of listening to the PA system, Constellation enables the audience to
immerse themselves in the organic experience with greater clarity, beauty,
and immersion than is possible with other systems.


Once Constellation is installed and calibrated, a user-friendly interface
remains, such as an iPad, with presets that at a single touch can change the
reverb characteristics of the space—and also change the distribution and
density of early reflections. With control of early decay and reflections, as well
as strength, clarity, and warmth, you can create the sound of a large
reverberant space while maintaining clarity for both orchestra etc. and
audience, leading to a powerful and exciting performance.

CONSTELLATION VOICE LIFT—For Corporate and Educational Applications

Constellation voice lift systems enhance intelligibility while always
maintaining natural imaging. The sound is perceived as coming from the
location of the person speaking and not from nearby loudspeakers . . .

The bigger the space the more impractical it becomes to hold two-way
conversations that everyone can understand. In Q & A sessions, audience
members often do not hear questions asked from around the room.
Constellation Voice Lift creates an environment for larger rooms achieving two goals: First, the lecturer can speak without the aid of a microphone, saving them the problem of having to wear one or stay centered on podium mounted mics. Second, to create an environment where everyone can hear anyone else during debates and questions. Both problems are solved with a Constellation voice lift system.

The system can operate in several modes, but the two most important are Presentation and Questions and Answers (Q&A). In Presentation mode, the voice lift is focused primarily on the area just in front of the video walls to support lecturers, but it still offers some support for others in the room should someone raise a quick question. However, the presenter, with the push of a touchscreen button, can switch to Q&A mode where anyone can speak to anyone else in the room and be heard clearly, even by someone sitting behind a questioner. 

What professional users are saying about Constellation

Live Performance Spaces

“In jazz and almost every form of music, extraordinary concerts can only

happen when musicians hear each other clearly, and audiences hear and feel exactly what is happening on stage… If you have a space that is even slightly problematic, do yourself a favor—install Constellation and perfect the experience for both musician and listener.” 

— Wynton Marsalis 

(Managing and Artistic Director, Jazz at Lincoln Center)


“[At SoundBox], Constellation provides the optimal acoustics for each musical
genre and has helped us create a space where audience and musicians can
explore a new kind of musical journey together.”

— Michael Tilson Thomasalis 

(Music Director, San Francisco Symphony)


“[With Constellation], the Meyers have thus had a democratizing influence, allowing ensembles to obtain pleasing results in problematic spaces. They have helped to make classical music a more mobile, adaptable beast, one that is freer to roam the entire cultural landscape. A mirage of the
Musikverein can arise almost anywhere, with a few swipes on a screen.”genre and has helped us create a space where audience and musicians can explore a new kind of musical journey together.”

— Alex Ross 

music critic (The New Yorker)

Meyer Sound Constellation provides the ideal means for multi-purpose venues to optimize acoustics for any type of performance.
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