Linea Research 48M03

48M Series Amplifiers


Offering a unique combination of power and audio performance, seamlessly combined with advanced
DSP and network control, the 48M Series range of eight channel amplifiers is available in models
developing between 400 Watts and 1,250 Watts per channel.
Over designed high capacity power supplies ensure the full power specification can be delivered into 2
ohms with all channels driven while remaining highly efficient.

48M Series Features
Eight channels of sonically pure Class D amplification
Unique, precise, 96kHz digital signal processing
Over‐designed switch mode power supply
85V to 240V Auto-sensing PSU
3,000 to 10,000 watts RMS total output
Full front panel user interface
Ethernet network for system operation and monitoring
Analogue, AES3 and optional DanteTM digital network audio
Powerful grouping & multi‐layer EQ
Accepts 48kHz and 96kHz FIR files via System Engineer (certain models)
Fully designed and engineered in house by Linea Research
Manufactured in the UK

RMS per channel, all 8 channels driven
Model 2 Ohms 4 Ohms 8 Ohms 70/100V
48M10 1250W 1250W 1250W 1250W
48M06 750W 750W 750W 750W
48M03 400W 400W 400W 400W

Linea’s 48M Series of eight output channel amplifiers are optimised for live sound applications. Offering
a unique combination of massive power and peerless audio performance integrated with unique DSP,
the 48M Series represents an unmatched advancement in amplifier technology.
Sharing the same feature set and form factor as Linea's 44M Series of four channel amplifiers the 48M
Series is available in models that develop between 400Watts and 1,250 Watts per channel (up to 2,500
Watts for a bridged pair). Unusually these are not, ‘transient’, ‘burst’ or ‘peak’ power figures, they are
the power levels that are delivered by all channels simultaneously even when driven with the same
dense program material.
With Linea amplifiers there is no need to ration power between channels, you can use all the power you
have paid for all the time. This has been independently verified.
Linea can do this because state of the art components and a finely optimised design results in an
amplifier that is between 7% and 10% more efficient than any competitive product. This efficiency gain
directly translates in to the generation of about half the wasted energy (heat) which is clearly significant.
In addition to reducing energy costs high efficiency results in generous power reserves ensuring that
pristine sound quality is maintained even under the most extreme conditions.
Uniquely, and across the whole range, each channel can be configured to deliver its maximum power
into 2, 4 or 8 Ohm nominal loads as well as 25V, 70V & 100V constant Voltage (CV) lines. This offers
designers and integrators unparalleled flexibility and cost effectiveness.
Ethernet is used for remote control and monitoring while a front panel, optimised for use in challenging
live environments, allows full local control of all features. Control via Linea’s intuitive Podware PC
application provides many convenient and time saving features such as very flexible management of
presets, and Overlay grouping of Mutes, Gains, Delays and EQ across an entire system.
The advanced 96kHz DSP is fully integrated into the product and provides an array of unique and
genuinely useful features. Because all aspects of the DSP algorithms are designed and hand crafted in
house by Linea, they are not available on products from any other manufacturer. For example, LIR linear
phase crossover filters which are as easy to use as more conventional filter shapes, and have less latency
than FIR filters. Also the powerful VX Limiter suite which sports Peak, RMS and Excursion limiting, as well
as multiband limiting for passive 2-way enclosures.44C20


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