Accusonus ERA-R

Single knob reverb reduction

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ERA-R: Single-knob reverb removal plugin

Does your audio sound distant, “echoey” or hollow? Can you understand the speaker or hear the speech clearly? Bring the sound closer, add clarity, clean up your dialogue tracks and tighten up your music performances. ERA-R is the only plugin that removes excessive reverb with a single knob.

How It Works?

Based on the accusonus multi-patented audio restoration technology, ERA-R automatically estimates the reverberation profile and is able to adjust the amount of reverberation in a streamlined interface.


– Repair location recordings
Does your perfect recording suffer from a bad sounding room? Fix it easily with ERA-R
– Clean up your dialog and voice tracks
ERA-R adds precision to your mix by automatically estimating your files’ reverberation profile
– Tighten up your music performances
Choose presets to focus on specific frequency bands
– Change the direct/reverb balance in a mix
Single-knob control dials our unwanted reverb: Get exactly as much reverb as you want



– AU (32/64-bit), VST (32/64-bit) for macOS 10.8 or later
– AAX Native (64-bit) for macOS 10.9 or later


– VST (32/64-bit) and AAX Native (64-bit) for Windows 7 (with SP1) or later