Accusonus ERA5 Bundle Standard

The fastest plugins for high quality audio repair.

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Accusonus ERA5 Bundle Standard

The fastest audio clean-up solution for creators
Tackle all the audio issues you routinely face, literally in seconds. Salvage tracks that cannot be recorded again. Get professional audio results with minimal effort. Improve the quality of your recordings by miles, even if you’ve never edited audio before. Complex software just doesn’t get easier to use!
Noise Remover
Use the Noise Remover to automatically clean up your noisy indoor or outdoor recordings. Make your voice sound more intelligible, without artifacts. Reduce the unavoidable background noises such as air conditioners and fans or electric hum and hiss. The Noise Remover allows you to clean up your audio with one button, everything else is under the hood. It’s as simple as turning it on and off!
Voice Deepener
Our voice sounds more thin & high-pitched when recorded. The Voice Deepener will make everyone’s voice sound more like they hear it themselves and less as it sounds in recordings. Get that “movie-trailer voice” effect with a single dial. Make your voice sound deeper and more soothing in seconds. Create voice recordings that will allure, convince and hook everyone.
Voice AutoEQ
Instantly clear muddiness and boominess, add body, and make your voice sound crisp. The Voice AutoEQ is a new, revolutionary plugin. It listens to your voice and allows you to enhance it in real-time. Ιmprove voice clarity in a way that’s impossible with normal EQ. Use the round cursor to navigate inside the triangle and find the right balance between Air, Body, and Clarity. Make your voice cut through the mix!
Voice Leveler
Let every word be heard, cause every word is important! Turn the Voice Leveler’s dial and easily fix distracting volume differences. Smooth out uneven audio levels, such as those caused by speaker movements or when speakers share the same microphone during an interview. Save yourself from hours of manual gain adjustments.
Reverb Remover
Reverb is the unavoidable result of room acoustics. It makes your recordings echoey and hollow, such as those captured during a wedding ceremony inside the church. Use the Reverb Remover to remove all that “empty-space” sound from your tracks. Make your recordings sound tighter and focused, instantly.
Save your audience from the ear-piercing esses! Harsh sibilance can be very annoying both in dialogue and vocal recordings. Use the De-Esser to smooth out those annoying “s” sounds and make your tracks easier to listen to. See the software automatically detecting the S’s in your waveform and fix the problem by turning the dial!
Instantly repair distorted & over-saturated audio that would otherwise be unusable. When your input level is too loud for the system to handle, you get stuck with “clipped” audio. This usually sounds like a harsh, muddy distortion. Save damaged files with the world’s first fully automatic De-Clipper.
Plosive Remover
Suppress “spitting” b,p & t sounds and instantly improve your voice recordings. Plosives (or p-pops) usually occur due to non-ideal microphone placement and can be really distracting. Use the Plosive Remover and get rid of those annoying plosives with minimal effort. Look at the plugin’s waveform and see what’s being removed!

Audio Clean-Up Assistant

Further, improve your workflow and avoid juggling between multiple plugin windows and parameters. ERA Audio Clean-Up Assistant allows you to work smarter and faster. It combines several ERA Standard plugins and offers carefully-curated presets that you can use as a starting point for your audio processing. Build your own audio repair chain – which you can recall any time – or save time by choosing from the Clean-Up Assistant’s presets, rather than configuring them yourself from scratch.


  • OS Versions: 10.12 or later
  • Plugin Formats: AU, VST, AAX Native (64-bit)
  • Supported hosts: Learn more
  • OS Versions: 10 or later
  • Plugin Formats: VST, AAX Native (64-bit)
  • Supported hosts: Learn more