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The RPQ2 preamp with CurveShaper™ EQ provides two channels of high-quality, high-gain, low-noise microphone preamplification. With phantompower
disengaged, the NoLoad™ input impedance at 20K Ohms means the RPQ won’t load down a mic and change its sound. The JFET circuit design
generates up to 81dB of clean and quiet gain, with extended bandwidth from below 1 Hz to beyond 200 kHz, for dynamic range and transient response
that complements all microphones. The high-frequency CurveShaper™ EQ excels at adding a touch of air or presence, and the low-frequency
control removes boxiness and boominess in a fast and unobtrusive way. Now with the addition of front-panel 1/4” Direct Inputs, Mic/Line mode, LED
indicators for every push button, back panel inserts for additional routing options including a secondary balanced output, and a much smaller and
lighter chassis for ease of transportation, the RPQ2 preamp is a versitle and effective tool no studio should be without.