AEA The R44 ACE Limited Edition

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The R44C, AEA’s museum reproduction of the RCA

44BX, was first produced in 1998. To celebrate its

20 year run, we developed the active, cost-effective, and

stylized R44ACE to memorialize the spirit of the R44

while making it affordable and appealing to a newer

generation of ribbon mic adherents. The ACE is an

exciting amalgamation of 1930s technology and

modern production that delivers the R44’s classic sound

in a new context.

The R44ACE utilizes new old stock RCA ribbon material

and boasts a full, rich tonality with generous low end and

the 44’s signature proximity effect. The active electronics

within the R44ACE result in 12dB more output than the

original R44CE, so it’s highly useful when recording quiet

sources and is optimized for use with any preamp.

The R44ACE is handcrafted in Pasadena, CA, U.S.A.

52 Pieces Worldwide

Active Circuity from our Flagship A440

Matte Black Finish

Custom, Black SKB Flight Case

Hand-numbered and signed

by Wes Dooley