Apogee Pultec EQP-1A

Program Equalizer

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AU/VST/AAX | macOS only

– Precisely recreates the Pultec EQP-1A’s unique characteristics:
– Broad EQ curves, to gently but powerfully shape your sounds while maintaining their integrity
– Interaction of Bands, to create characteristic EQ curves used by engineers for decades
– Circuit Non-Linearites, to add the “magic” that hardware units are renown for
– Developed with Pulse Techniques, current manufacturer of hardware Pultec EQs
– Apogee plugin modeled from brand new Pultec unit
– Officially Licensed and Endorsed by Pulse Techniques
– Includes FX and FX Rack versions
– Run natively in your favorite DAW on your Mac, no Apogee hardware required
– Runs on Apogee hardware DSP in Element Series and Ensemble Thunderbolt audio interfaces and features DualPath Monitoring for near zero latency recording