Artnovion Acoustics Athos W – LED Absorber

An Artnovion signature panel.


The LED panel range is a range of backlit, high performance, acoustic absorbers.
Each panel is equipped with RGB LED, that can be configured to work either independently or in groups. Creating your dream environment has never been easier.

Each panel has an enclosed acoustic core, boosting mid-high absorption performance – perfect for controlling parallel reflections and target mid-range absorption. Equipped with smooth LED lighting and concealed controller units.

Recommended for

– Control Room
– Recording Room
– Home Studio
– Broadcast Studio
– Vocal Booth
– Drum Room


Each panel is simply daisy-chained together in whatever configuration required.
They are remotely controlled with an RGB selector wheel, and can also be set to strobe at various rates.

There are two combinations available:

A controller unit and repeater unit, or otherwise two repeater units. Each controller unit works independently, whilst repeater units propagate the sinal of a controller unit.

All LED panels can be installed on walls or ceilings, with a quick and easy installation procedure.

They will be available in select panel fronts, in all standard finishes.

Available fire rates:
FG | Furniture Grade

– Natural wood | Lacquered HMDF
– Marine grade plywood structural frame
– Calibrated cell acoustic foam

Range | Dimensions:
Led Controller Kit
– 595x595x60mm
Led Repeater Kit
– 595x595x60mm

Led Controller Kit include:
– 1 Controller panel
– 1 Repeater panel

Led Repeater Kit include:
– 2 Repeater panel

Integrated fixing system | panel can be rotated 45º.


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