Avid Media Composer Video Satellite Option

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Experience the fastest, most efficient way to work with sound for picture. With Video Satellite, you can mix in Pro Tools and sync with Media Composer video sequences, without anyone having to render effects, transcode media, or copy files.

Easily lock transports with Media Composer—running on a dedicated Mac or Windows-based computer—in sync with your Pro Tools | HD session. Enhance your post-production efficiency. And maintain the full audio track count and processing power of your Pro Tools | HD system.


Exceptional efficiency
Open bins and play HD/SD sequences without rendering effects, transcoding, or copying files.

Media Composer integration
Gain access to its creative tools, media management, effects, and output options.

Full resolution support
Import, play back, and capture* all HD resolutions, including DNxHD, DVCPro HD, and AVC-I.

Avid Everywhere
Integrate Pro Tools with ISIS shared storage, Interplay asset management, and more.

Reliable performance
Get faster lock than 9-pin for tighter responsiveness when scrubbing and shuttling.