Avid Pro Tools MTRX Base unit with MADI and Pro|Mon

The highest standard in premium studio-quality sound.

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Avid Pro Tools MTRX Base unit with MADI and Pro|Mon

Get the most pristine sound quality possible—and extensive monitoring and routing capabilities—in the most versatile audio interface available for Pro Tools | HDX, HD Native, and other pro audio applications. With Pro Tools | MTRX, you gain the superior sonic quality of DAD’s legendary AD/DA converters, plus flexible routing and monitor control when used standalone or with Avid Pro Mixing surfaces. And because the interface can be customized with the analog and digital I/O you need, you can take on the most demanding music and post-production challenges. Effortlessly.

Achieve exceptional sound
Digital Audio Denmark’s (DAD’s) AD and DA converters are renowned for delivering the cleanest, most transparent, and highly detailed sound. Pro Tools | MTRX is no exception, enabling you to get the best sound quality possible from your Pro Tools | HD system—up to super-high-resolution 384 kHz DSD. And because it does double duty as both an audio I/O and monitor interface, it offers exceptional versatility too.

Expand your monitor control
Take full remote control of all sources, monitors, and speaker sets directly from Pro Tools | S6, other EUCON-enabled control surfaces, and the included DADman software. Pro Tools | MTRX includes Pro | Mon 2, putting complete monitoring, talkback, summing, and fold-down control at your fingertips, whether you’re mixing in mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1, 9.1, or even a 64-channel immersive audio mix.

Get the I/O you need
Pro Tools | MTRX is fully modular, so you can customize it with a wide variety of I/O and interface options. From analog inputs, outputs, and high-quality mic pres, to Dante, MADI, AES3, 3G-SDI, and more, you have the interface versatility you need to connect with any type of gear and route any signal between the various I/O formats.

Route audio with abandon
Using DADman software, you can route, split, and patch audio quickly, flexibly, and extensively, with a matrix capacity of up to 1,500 x 1,500 cross points. You can feed any input to any output, or even send audio to multiple outputs simultaneously, giving you unlimited workflow possibilities.

Discover your new frontline to incredible sound

Design an interface for your specific needs

Inputs. Outputs. Analog. Digital. Remote-controllable mic pres and more. You can have it all thanks to eight card slots inviting you to mix and match whatever mic, line, MADI, Dante, AES3, SDI, and other I/O you desire. With up to three MADI ports on the chassis, plus eight dual MADI cards as options, you can also configure MTRX as a 19 x 19 MADI router. You get the versatility you need to connect with the widest array of gear and devices and into today’s multifaceted studio environments.

See all I/O options

Get the highest possible audio quality

Pro Tools | MTRX shines when used as a high-performance 64-channel audio interface for Pro Tools | HD. With DAD’s sophisticated and transparent AD/DA conversion, you can preserve the sonic fidelity and musical nuances that other interfaces fail to capture—with sample rates up to 384 kHz/DSD. Hear music and audio exactly as the mic captured it, enabling you to deliver the truest sound productions with impeccable clarity.

Make connections right away

It’s not all just about options. Pro Tools | MTRX also features an assortment of built-in I/O on the chassis as standard. Get a MADI interface that offers 64 I/O channels, an 8 line AES3 interface with 16 I/O channels, and a 2-port 64-channel DigiLink Mini I/O interface to connect your interface with Pro Tools | HDX and Pro Tools | HD Native systems.

Use one interface for multiple applications

Pro Tools | MTRX is a great fit for any Pro Tools music studio, providing everything you need to connect your system, mics (including talkback), instruments, control surfaces, speakers, and outboard gear. But it’s also an ideal solution for location recording, Dolby Atmos post production, live sound production, multi Pro Tools post-production workflows, monitor control, and more, with its ability to integrate into any music or sound production environment.

Save time, space, and money

With its diverse connection abilities, Pro Tools | MTRX can effectively replace your army of single-format I/O and monitor interfaces taking up space in your racks. As an all-in-one device, it also expands yet streamlines your workflow possibilities, enabling you to do more while minimizing connection complexity and studio footprint requirements.

Keep things in sync

Pro Tools | MTRX provides high-precision internal clocking interfaces, enabling you to sync all of your audio devices and signals through Word Clock, AES11, video black burst (VBB), and all digital I/O. This ensures that you get the cleanest, most accurate performance—free of audio distortion and anomalies—across all of your connected devices.

Control, route, and monitor audio with ease

Take control with DADman

Pro Tools | MTRX comes with easy-to-use EUCON-enabled DADman software to configure and route signals and control the Pro | Mon monitor section. Remotely control up to 48 mic preamps per-interface from both DADman and Pro Tools | S6. You can also control multiple Pro Tools | MTRX interfaces from one workstation.

Get extensive monitor command

With Pro | Mon 2, you can configure your monitor section as you need it with multiple speaker sets. Build custom fold-down templates to instantly switch between monitor formats. Take control using DADman, your Pro Tools | S6 channel strips and Master Touch Module, or another EUCON-enabled control surface. In addition to its 1,500 x 1,500 matrix, Pro | Mon also provides a 256 x 32, 32-bit floating point summing mixer, enabling you to sum stems and sources to feed monitor outputs.

Communicate clearly

It’s easy to open up a dialog between your control room and live room participants with built-in talkback capabilities. You can set any of the control room speaker or monitor outputs as your talkback source, as well as activate Cut and Dim options on any output.

Route audio your way

Pro Tools | MTRX features a powerful low-latency router that can manage up to 1,500 inputs and 1,500 outputs simultaneously. This gives you an incredible amount of audio signal flexibility across your entire studio. You can route any input channel to any output channel—and even to multiple output channels simultaneously—providing a flexible interface to Pro Tools | HD or to multiple DAWs simultaneously.

Work with multiple audio formats

Pro | Mon can be configured for a wide variety of multichannel audio formats to match your project at hand. From mono and stereo to 5.1, 7.1, and 9.1 surround—and even up to 64 channels of audio output—you can create the most immersive high-resolution mixes to wow music fans and film/television audiences alike.

Keep an eye on signal status

With an array of multicolor LED signal indicators, a status display, and control buttons on the face of Pro Tools | MTRX, you can get a quick glimpse into your session activity. View the signal strength of your analog inputs and outputs. And use the buttons to scroll or page through a variety of settings to view the current sample rate, sync source, sample rate controller, and more.