Avid S6L CKM

Channel Knob Module

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Each Channel Knob Module provides channel parameter control via 32 dual-function encoders that provide switch and rotary functions.
Each CKM is associated to the bank of eight faders below it, and the Channel Touch Module above it (if present). The CKM
operates in one of the following modes: Channel Strip mode or Channel Control mode.
1 – Encoder Display
The encoder display shows the parameter that is currently spilled to the encoder and the actual
value of the parameter (such as dB level for gain or frequency of an EQ frequency band). The display
also shows a “virtual” encoder, which shows the position of the encoder relative to the parameter
value. For gain parameters, the virtual encoder surround fills in to indicate level. For bus
assign parameters, the encoder surround fills in completely when the corresponding channel is
assigned, and is empty (black) when the channel is unassigned.
2 – Sel
Sel assigns a secondary parameter to the corresponding encoder, or toggles a secondary function
of the current parameter, where available.
3 – In
In toggles an individual parameter on/off, where available. For example, when EQ is assigned to
the CKM, pressing the In switch for the knob controlling Lo band gain toggles that filter in/out.
The switch lights when the parameter is enabled (in).
4 – Encoder
Rotating the encoder adjusts the currently assigned parameter, as shown in the encoder display.
For certain parameters, pressing the encoder toggles the parameter on/off (such as the Hi Gain
parameter when EQ is assigned). Encoders are color-coded by function. See Encoder Color
Coding for more information.
5 – Channel Control Function Switch
The Channel Control Function switch assigns a group of parameters for the currently selected
channel to the 32 encoders on the CKM. See Channel Control Functions for more information.
6 – Parameter Bank Switches
The Left and Right Parameter Bank switches let you assign the next or previous page of parameters
to the encoders, and are available in both Channel Strip and Channel Control modes. A
switch lights when there is a previous or next page of parameters to access.