d&b audiotechnik DS100 Signal Engine


The d&b DS100 Signal Engine is a specialized rack-mount 3 RU audio processor with Audinate Dante networking. It provides a 64 x 64 audio matrix with level and delay adjustments at all cross points. The comprehensive input processing provides gain, EQ, delay, and polarity switches, enabling the user to combine all types of input signals to create a mix from a wide variety of sources. Extended processing capabilities are also provided on every output. Additional software modules provide dynamic object-based positioning and emulated acoustics functions.

The DS100 is a versatile tool for use within complex audio systems to route and distribute multiple audio channels to numerous amplifiers driving loudspeaker positions and zones, show relay and break out rooms. The networking capabilities with a Dante-enabled processor are significant, particularly for busy, multi-room complexes.

The DS100 completely integrates with the overall d&b system approach, including loudspeakers, amplifiers, rigging, transport and networking accessories and the DS10 Audio network bridge. The DS10 interfaces with Dante audio net-working and the AES3 inputs of the d&b amplifiers.

The DS100 and DS10 both operate on standard networking technologies, making them flexible and efficient.
The complete system is designed and optimized in the d&b ArrayCalc simulation software, and controlled via the d&b R1 Remote control software.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 6 in