Ehrlund EHR-M

Condenser microphone with a unique triangular membrane. True cardioid Frequency Range 7-87kHz. Aluminum body, housing made of toughened stainless steel.


Ehrlund’s most popular studio microphone, with wide absorption capacity and large frequency range. The signal is so strong you do not need a separate microphone amplifier.

The Ehrlund EHR-M is a Swedish manufactured condenser microphone for studio use, it has been designed to deliver the cleanest sound possible. Its patented triangular membrane design has been allied to a patented very low noise and low power phantom feed amplifier. The EHR-M has both broad and smooth pickup characteristics, with deep bass and extended treble. This microphone has impressive stats in self-induced noise, sensitivity, and frequency range. The output signal is strong and usually does not need much amplification.


  • Large-diaphragm condenser microphone
  • Patented triangular membrane
  • Patented internal amplification and power circuits
  • Optimized for studio environments
  • Transparent and natural sound
  • Great low-noise performance
  • Phase and frequency linear internal amplifiers
  • Excels at distance miking
  • Broad pickup range, linear frequency response even at distance or off-axis
  • Bass frequencies are picked up in an accurate way even at some distance
  • Natural reproduction of fast transients
  • The Coloring of sound is negligible and true to the original source
  • The frequency range spans from infrasonic bass to ultrasonic treble
  • Low energy consumption, ~2.0 mA
  • Strong output signal; usually doesn’t need any external amplification
  • No pre-filtering is needed, Ehrlund microphones are made for flat EQs
  • Each and every Ehrlund microphone is stereo matched with its own model
  • Handles all impedances without altering frequency or phase


Type Condenser microphone Membrane type Triangular membrane combines the characteristics of both large and small membranes Pickup pattern Cardioid Frequency range 7 – 87,000 Hz Sensitivity at 1kHz -33 dBV/Pa (23 mV/Pa) Impedance Handles all impedances Equivalent noise level < 7 dBA Signal-to-noise 87 dBA Dynamic range 115 dB Max​ SPL (peak) 0.5% THD 116 dB 1% THD 122 dB Power supply 48 V Phantom power Current consumption 2.0 mA Connector XLR 3-pin Materials Aircraft-grade aluminum body, hardened nickel-plated stainless-steel net Finish Glass bead blasting Dimensions Ø60 mm x 155 mm Weight 340 grams


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