Ensoniq ASR-10S


Pre owned, in excellent condition

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This ‘Ensoniq ASR-10S’ is in excellent condition, and is part of an exclusive studio collection that Parsons Audio is offering.

The Ensoniq ASR-10 is a legendary 1990’s digital music sampling workstation. Ensoniq’s “Advanced Sampling Recorder” technology was significant for the time using 44.1 kHz sampling for CD quality fidelity and tons of useful features and effects from a pro-grade sampler. The biggest difference between the ASR-10 and other workstations of its time was it’s ability to use the synthesizer architecture of Ensoniq’s other synthesizers stored inside of it’s memory, expanding its possibilities moving beyond sampling duties. The ASR-10 had a very versatile feature set, upgradable and expandable storage and RAM, digital effects processor, and a large modulation matrix with 15 modulation sources making it one of the more significant pro workstations of the early 1990s