Fluid Audio CX7

Price per monitor. 2-way coaxial 7″ Hybrid (Hi-Fi/Studio) reference monitor


Fluid Audio’s founders have been designing speakers for over 25 years. Now, after painstaking design work, tuning, and voicing, Fluid Audio is proud to present the NEW CX7 Hi-Fi active reference monitor.

Taking legacy features from our award-winning FPX7 monitors, the CX7 is the latest generation coaxial design system with an AMT ribbon tweeter. Air Motion Transformer tweeters have been legendary in the audio industry due of their transparent sound, fast attack and high efficiency. Designed by Dr. Oskar Heil, the pleated diaphragm of the AMT acts somewhat like bellows that “squeeze” the sound out in an accordion-like fashion. This design results in an extremely fast response and fine detail.

Mounting the AMT tweeter in the center of the woofer gives the CX7 all the benefits of a coax design: A compact footprint, being a “point source” device as well as great off-axis response. This, coupled with a high-output 7″ woofer creates a powerful, full frequency monitor. The 140W custom designed amplifier incorporates two options for EQ flexibility: The Tweeter Trim switch and Acoustic Space switch, to account for placement requirements you may face in your listening space. Like other Fluid models, the CX7’s amplifier also has a generous heat sink, and auto-off Standby function. The new CX7 monitor the best choice for a great HiFi experience but can also be used in any studio setting where clarity, accuracy, and no coloring are needed.


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