Grace Design SB-66

66cm space bar kit sb66

Includes 66cm bar, clamp, (2) sb-mhs standard mic holders and (1) tall

mic holder


Stereo Microphone Positioning System
Precision stereo microphone positioning made simple, reliable and repeatable
The Spacebar microphone positioner allows for precise and repeatable setting of microphone capsule
spacing, angle of incidence, and rotation around the x axis. With precision scales for angle and distance
engraved on the Spacebar components, it becomes easy to make perfectly measured and repeatable
stereo microphone setups.
As well as being able to precisely set microphones in standard stereo configurations (i.e. XY, ORTF, NOS,
and AB 50cm), the Spacebar allows for exact settings through the entire continuum of angle and
spacing. This allows the user to adjust the stereo microphone array and tailor the pickup field to suit
virtually any recording environment.
We highly recommend The Stereophonic Zoom by Michael Williams, a technical paper that provides
detailed information on the relationship between angle of incidence, capsule spacing, and the effective
angle of the recorded sound field. It is a very useful reference that can greatly increase the flexibility of
your stereo microphone techniques. Download The Stereophonic Zoom here.
The Spacebar system is precision fabricated from machined aircraft aluminum, brass, and stainless steel.
Each system consists of a center stand clamp, horizontal bar, and microphone holders. The SB-30 and
SB-66 are both supplied with two microphone holder assemblies and an additional tall microphone
holder. The taller microphone holder body can be used to raise one microphone to avoid interference if
the mic spacing requires that the microphone bodies overlap.
The Spacebar system comes in two versions – the SB-30 and the SB-66, which provide the following
microphone spacing:

Also available is a hanging bar (SB-HB-30/66) for installations where the positioner is hung from above.
This accessory consists of a tube which mounts to the center clamp through which the microphone cable
is threaded. This enables the spacebar to be hung by the microphone cable and positioned via side
mounted guide wires. See detailed photo here.
The Spacebar system is precision fabricated from machined aircraft aluminum, brass, and stainless steel.
If properly cared for it will last a lifetime.


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