Hazelrigg Industries VLC-1



The VLC-1 was designed as a lower cost alternative to the discontinued VT-15. It’s hand built in the same shop along side other D.W.Fearn products. It is constructed smaller and lighter with the intention that artists, producers, and engineers would take it along to sessions and be able to transport it in a carry-on suitcase. These units have been employed by top engineers and producers to capture vocals and instruments, and inserted on vocal channels or in pairs on the master bus for mix down. The VLC-1 utilizes the same preamp and power supply design as the VT family of preamps.

Microphone / Line / DI Preamplifier; LC Equalizer
Amplifier and power supply designed and licensed by D.W.Fearn
Transformer coupled input and output
All-tube signal path
Passive EQ
Custom-wound Inductor
Dedicated line input
Front panel Mic/DI input
Locking +48V safety switch
5 year warranty (90 days for vacuum tubes)
Built in the USA