iZotope RX Elements

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RX Elements is a budget-friendly version of RX designed for small home studios that need the basics. It includes the standalone audio editor and spectral editing so you can visualize your audio and make edits with precision and accuracy.
In addition, RX Elements includes four essential, real-time noise reduction plug-ins that can also be used inside your favorite digital audio workstation, including the critically acclaimed De-noise technology.


– De-plosive: Instantly eliminate every single plosive from any dialogue track, with total transparency. This is an industry first.
– Leveler: Smooth any volume inconsistencies for the best sounding take, with the automatic clip gain envelope created by the Leveler. Optimized for Dialogue with intelligent De-breath and De-ess algorithms, that automatically detect breaths and esses in a dialogue take, and then apply transparent clip gain adjustments while doing the overall dialogue leveling. This is an industry first. Optimized for Music with special noise floor handling.
– Ambience Match AudioSuite Plug-in: Quickly fill in consistent ambience beds under constructed sentences and ADR lines right from within Pro Tools AudioSuite. No longer spend hours of time manually looping sections of ambience under a scene with ADR and broken-up sentences.


Both RX 5 Audio Editor and RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor can be used as a standalone audio editor, as a standalone audio editor connected to your host via RX Connect, or as a suite of plug-ins.
– Mac OS X 10.8 – 10.11 (Note: Insight, included in RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor, is supported through OS X 10.10)
– Windows 7, 8, and 10

Plug-in formats:

– Audiosuite DPM & AAX
– AU 32 & 64 bit
– VST 2 32 & 64 bit
– RTAS 32 bit
– AAX 64 bit
Host compatibility:
In addition to being available in RX 5 Audio Editor’s standalone mode, the modules are also compatible as plug-ins for popular hosts like
– Pro Tools (10 – 12.2)
– Nuendo 6.5
– Media Composer 7.0.4
– Premiere Pro CC 2015
– Final Cut X
– DaVinci Resolve 12
– Media Composer 8.4.1
– Fairlight 5
– Audition CC 2015
– Logic Pro X
– Cubase 8.0
– Sony Sound Forge 11+