LaChapell Audio 500TDI

500 Series Tube Direct Box (Tube DI)


The LaChapell 500TDI is a 500 series tube direct box (tube DI) that ranges from pristine clean to loads of character. It can be focused and articulate with crisp distinguished notes, or meaty with growl and harmonic overtones. Using the tube-drive and level knobs, dial in the perfect tone for your bass or other instrument.

The 500TDI Tube DI features LaChapell Audio’s TrueTube™ technology which provides proper operating voltage to the 12DW7 tube. Most tube modules for the 500 series use a starved plate design which does not give the tube the full voltage it needs to get the tube sound recognized as “classic tube tone.” A Cinemag transformer adds some weight and warmth to the output.

The front panel of the 500TDI tube direct box has two inputs. The top input is a high impedance input while the bottom input can be used as a through OR a lower impedance input for more tone options.