LaChapell Audio 992EG

Two channel vacuum tube instrument and microphone preamplifier


No recording studio is complete without a LaChapell Audio 992EG, a two channel fully balanced tube mic preamp and instrument input amplifier. Meticulously hand assembled, every aspect of the 992 speaks to our dedication to quality of sound and solid, robust construction. From the Cinemag and Jensen transformers to the knobs and switches, the 992EG is gorgeous inside and out.

With a total of eight vacuum tubes (2x 12AX7/ECC83 input stage and 2x 12AU7/ECC82 output stage tubes per channel), the 992EG tube mic preamp is known for its warm melodic character and rich low-end response.

But, what makes the 992 such a powerful preamplifier is the level of control the user has over both the input and output stages. Allowing the user to actually throttle gain in or out of either the input stage (for loads of character) or the output stage (for a more clear, transparent response) by way of fully variable potentiometers secures the 992 as one of the most flexible vacuum tube preamplifiers available in today’s recording studio market.