Little Labs IBP Junior Analog Phase Alignment Tool

Basic balanced line level phase alignment tool. Active output.


The IBP and IBP Junior easily eliminate the undesireable hollow sound when combining out-of-phase and partially out-of-phase audio signals. Designed as a phase problem solving device, the IBP Analong Phase Alignment Tool has quickly become popular among audio engineers as not only a “fix it” tool but as a controlling audio phase creative, tonal color tool.

• Continuously variable natural phase adjust.
• Line level balanced XLR in and out.
• Audiophile sound and construction.
• Rack mountable, 4 units fit in a 1U space.
• Allows mics to be placed where they sound best individually.
• No compromising mic place do to phase problems when using IBP technology.
• Rack mountable, 4 units fit in a 1U space.
• Real time all analog phase sweep between 0° and 180º

IBP (Includes the above features plus all the following:)

• Internal super quality active direct box.
• Internal “re-amplier” to convert pro-level to guitar level (w/ or w/o phase adjust).
• Buffered instrument level output for driving long guitar cables.
• Splitting between two instrument amps with transformer isolation + phase sweep