Little Labs Pepper Pedal/Pro/Instrument Blender Direct Box/Re-Amp

Connectivity hub for interfacing and blending pro gear and guitar gear.


The Pepper is a central hub of connectivity for engineers/guitarists’, interfacing pro gear and guitar gear, either direction, seamlessly. Interfaces instruments with pedals, pro gear, guitar amps, mic preamps and line level gear, all at once. The Pepper will tidy up your signal path while keeping everything connected. Use the pro level insert for easily turning pro gear into a pedal, or insert your DAW on the pro insert for accurate, instant, easy re-amping. Parallel process your pedals or pro gear inserts with your dry instrument signal. The Pepper, the best sounding, ultimate analog instrument interface, connectivity never sounded so good!

• State of the art analog circuitry and vintage UTC style transformers
• Pedal and Pro level hard bypass inserts with foot pedal control
• Mu metal shielded for high performance Live and Studio use
• Outputs include transformer coupled mic level DI AND instrument level, balanced transformer-less line level out
• Parallel Audio blending between pedal and or pro effects, and dry signal
• Adjustable instrument input load impedance, as well as load off for sensitive passive and piezo pick ups