Luminex Ethernet DMX8

An extreme powerful Ethernet-to-DMX converter with a custom merging engine for pro lighting solutions.


Stop limiting your creativity by technical restrictions. Luminex Ethernet-DMX converters are extreme powerful nodes designed for professional lighting projects. The powerful processor that can cope with up to 300 universes, the engine for custom merging and the re-routing feature for visualizing merged results make the Ethernet-DMX converters very high-end and truly unique products.

Stream up to 300 universes

Convert ArtNet, sACN, RTTrPL (BlackTrax) … to DMX and easily come with up to 300 universes.
Easy set-up with front display
Load pre-configured set-up profiles through the front end display or the easy-to-use web interface.
Touring approved
Metal housing, ruggedized Ethercons and shielded DMX connectors, ideal for touring and live events.
Custom merging engine
With custom merging you can control specific paramaters of fixtures with different sources.
Full RDM support
Setup, manage and monitor all your lighting devices from one central place: LumiNet Monitor.
PoE powered (optional)

This Ethernet-DMX unit can be powered over Ethernet (PoE) or with a standard power cable.

All our truss mounted and DIN-rail Ethernet-DMX converters can be powered through PoE or/and with direct power. Just connect everything over ethernet and don’t worry about power cables anymore. (Rack mounted converters have optional PoE while wall mounted units can only be powered over Ethernet)

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 19 × 2 in