Triad Orbit M1-R

Micro 1 Retrofittable Hanging Mic Adaptor


The MICRO 1 / M1-R Retrofittable Mic Adaptor features a long stem ball swivel to accommodate the

hanging of large diaphragmstudio microphones with 'spider' shock mounts. The long stem provides the

necessary clearance to position theshock mount below the boom. The patent-pending Glide Path™

housing facilitates both full orbital rotation and aconventional straight-line trajectory for on-axis use.

M1-R and the other Retrofit Components are equipped withtraditional 5/8-inch threads for universal


Package Includes:

M1-R Orbital Hanging Mic Adaptor

5/8" female to 3/8" male adaptor

T-Knob (can be used in place of standard round knob)


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