MCDSP Channel G HD v6

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Channel G delivers the big board sound with unprecedented flexibility and seamless integration with the Avid D-Control and D-Command control surfaces.
Channel G is 3 plug-ins:

G Dynamics – a fully featured console style dynamics section with an Expander/Gate, Compressor/Limiter, and a versatile filter section
G Equalizer – a five-band professional grade console style EQ with a versatile filter section
G Console – a combination of the G Dynamics and G Equalizer configurations
All Channel G configurations feature calibration modes for music, post production, and models of the world’s most popular analog mixing desks.

For more information, check out the Colin’s Corner article about this product.

Multi-mode filters (high pass, low pass, notch) with selectable slopes of 6 to 24 dB/Oct
Full featured Expander/Gate, Compressor/Limiter
Five-band EQ with shelving and parametric sections
Compressor/Limiter operation pre or post EQ section
Analog Saturation modeling
Double precision processing
Ultra low latency
Mono and stereo versions