MCDSP FilterBank Native v6

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FilterBank is a high-end equalizer plug-in designed to emulate the sounds of vintage and modern equalizers and filters. For more information, check out the Colin’s Corner article about this product.
FilterBank is 3 plug-ins:

E606 – parametric, high and low shelving EQ, high and low pass filters
F202 – steep high and low pass filtering with resonant Q control
P606 – parametric EQ with variable Q modes
Since it’s debut in 1998, FilterBank has become a legend within the audio community. With its unique Peak, Slope, Dip controls and variable Q modes FilterBank can emulate any EQ, or be used to create a distinct custom EQ.

Shelving and Parametric EQ
High and Low pass filters with resonance control
Unique Peak-Slope-Dip Shelving EQ parameters
Variable parametric Q modes
Analog Saturation Modeling
Double Precision Processing
Ultra Low Latency
Mono and Stereo versions