Meyer Sound D-Mitri

Real-Time Performance to Meet Real-World Demands.


D-Mitri hardware and CueStation control software form a highly adaptable, modular, controllable, and extensible broad platform on which countless end-to-end solutions can be built. Applications include musical and dramatic theatrical productions, concerts, classical and contemporary musical productions, festivals and large scale live events and any where you need the highest fidelity audio and precision control automation.

Fully Networked

Networking is at the core of D-Mitri’s architecture. This makes it easy to create a distributed D-Mitri system, with mic preamps and other components remotely located and controlled.

Surround Panning

Multichannel surround applications are a D-Mitri specialty. The unique SpaceMap algorithm defines the panning spaces, and trajectories are defined entirely separately from the physical loudspeaker system, providing true two- or even three-dimensional panning. CueStation control software provides an intuitive interface to program SpaceMap panning. Multiple SpaceMaps can be used at one time.

A Comprehensive Approach

D-Mitri encompasses the entire audio signal chain from microphone input to loudspeaker output: high-quality analog and digital input and output facilities, plus all signal processing, mixing, multichannel panning, matrix routing, even sound effects playback and loudspeaker management.

Complete Control

With all these capabilities in one system, tied together with sophisticated real-time networking and coordinated by CueStation control software, you have full control of all system modules wherever they are located, easily scale the system from small and lean to huge and complex, and create sophisticated automation or custom scripts to accomplish specialized tasks. In addition to CueStation, D-Mitri supports web based control, OSC, MIDI, and the Meyer CueConsole2 modular control surface.