Meyer Sound HD-1

High Definition Audio Monitor


Smooth Coverage Pattern

Designed for ultra-precise near-field monitoring, the HD-1 is optimized to approximate a point-source radiator, yielding exceptionally broad directivity with a generous “sweet spot.” Its patented circuitry minimizes time delays and deviations from linear phase.

Pinpoint Imaging and High Peak Power

The HD-1 offers unprecedented accuracy for mixes that translate consistently, including exceptional transparency for fine control of EQ and effects. Individual alignment provides matched pairs with pinpoint imaging and flat low-frequency response to 32 Hz without subwoofers. Its high peak power, magnet and voice coil design, and vented cabinet all work to minimize distortion or compression.

For Playback and Post Production

You can use the HD-1 as a near-field tracking and mixing studio monitor, for high-end stereo and surround sound playback systems, for a mastering studio reference monitor, or for surround mixing for post-production.