Meyer Sound LINA

Very Compact Linear Line Array Loudspeaker


Amazing Sonic Transparency in a Very Compact System

New Addition to Leo Family

Easily the smallest and lightest in the series, LINA and its companion control element 750-LFC bring the inherent linearity, low distortion, and exceptional power-to-size ratio of LEO Family technology to a wider range of applications and venues.

Upgrades for Greater Efficiency

Taking advantage of the existing MINA footprint, LINA boasts new drivers and an updated amplifier and signal processing package that, along with an improved power supply, enables higher peak output.

Power and Versatility in an Improved Package

Improvements in high-frequency headroom and lower distortion help LINA to faithfully reproduce audio with tremendous power, superior intelligibility, and extremely low distortion.

Exemplary Linearity in a Small Footprint

750-LFC Control Element Integration

In most applications, LINA will be integrated with the companion 750-LFC low-frequency control element for extending deep bass system performance down to 36 Hz. LINA and 750-LFC can be driven by Meyer Sound’s Galileo GALAXY loudspeaker management system which provides a powerful exclusive toolset for corrective room equalization and creative fine-tuning for a full range of applications.

Excellent Performance With Minimal Processing

Low-frequency distortion from the dual 6.5-inch woofers is further reduced compared to MINA, aided by new internal venting and baffling to optimize performance. On-board signal processing has been upgraded for more power, now including optimized Native Mode – as first introduced in LEOPARD.

Stand-Alone, Vertical Pattern, Or Supplemental

LINA is well-equipped for use as a single cabinet or for use with a small number of cabinets for applications requiring a precise, high-frequency vertical pattern. Single cabinets and short stacks are ideal for front fill and under-balcony applications. In addition to working as a standalone system, LINA can also be used as a supplemental fill loudspeaker in LEOPARD systems.

Compatible Rigging

LINA includes Meyer Sound’s QuickFly rigging with captive GuideALinks, which are compatible with MINA, and allows easy setting of splay angles from 1 to 11 degrees. Rigging and transport options are shared with MINA and include the MG‑MINA/750-LFC multi-purpose grid, MYA-MINA Yoke and MUB-MINA U-bracket, as well as the MCF-MINA caster frame and transport covers.