Meyer Sound MINA

Compact Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker


High Fidelity with a Low Profile

Seamless Integration with a Flexible Product Family

The newest and smallest member of the most accurate and flexible family of line array products on the market, MINA brings MILO’s exceptional features to a more compact package that is strong enough to stand alone, but is also capable of integrating with its siblings M’elodie and MICA.

Extremely High Power-to-size Ratio

Exceptional fidelity and transient response offers intelligibility and high impact in installed and touring applications alike, delivering wide and even coverage, and pristine sound.

Small Footprint with Big Benefits

MINA’s very small footprint and narrow width contribute to an ideal curvilinear array system for low-profile, high-fidelity sound reinforcements in small venues, as well as for frontfill and under-balcony applications.

Coverage Where Size Is a Concern

MINA’s compact size and wide horizontal coverage makes it a great choice for smaller theatres, theatrical touring productions, corporate AV, theme parks, and downfill or sidefill.

Self-powered Advantage

Self-powered technology eliminates amplifier racks, long loudspeaker cables, and any calibration of gain and crossover settings. The system can be rigged and ready in minutes.

Integration and Support for Maximum Performance

Innovative Component Configuration

Proximity and range combine to minimize destructive high-frequency interactions between cabinets.

Subwoofer Integration

Meyer Sound’s own compact high-power subwoofer makes the perfect powerful and precise complement to MINA.

Quickfly Rigging for Fast, Safe Setup

Our collection of custom designed rigging, flying, and mounting systems has led the way in safety and ease of use.

System Control and Integration Tools

A robust set of tools includes acoustical prediction software, the Galileo loudspeaker management system, the RMS remote monitoring system, and the SIM audio analyzer.