Meyer Sound ULTRA-X20 Compact Wide Coverage Loudspeaker

Compact, light-weight point-source loudspeaker with dual 5″ drivers and rotatable HF horn. Preliminary Product Information


The Meyer Sound ULTRA-X20 is a very compact, light-weight point-source loudspeaker, boasting 860W of power, exceptional high-fidelity reproduction, precise imaging, and several mounting options.

When you’re designing a sound system for fixed installation, there are so many variables that can compromise coverage and even more so in portable applications. That’s why integrators have chosen the remarkably consistent coverage and directivity of point-source line array speakers, such as the Meyer Sound LEO range. However, if you’re looking for a compact, light-weight system, not only does the Meyer Sound ULTRA-X20 bring state-of-the-art, point-source technology to the table, it also features a 110° x 50° rotatable horn that produces precise, even coverage regardless of orientation. The smaller sibling of the ULTRA-X40, the very compact ULTRA-X20 is designed for venues that demand high-fidelity and power where space is at a premium. Whether you use the Meyer Sound ULTRA-X20 as a compact main system, fills, or surrounds in a larger system, you can count on the ULTRA-X20 to deliver high power output, low distortion, and consistent polar response in any configuration. From touring to theme parks, worship venues to Broadway shows, and lecture halls to large scale concerts, Meyer Sound technology delivers exceptional fidelity with high power, low distortion, and uniformly predictable behavior. 

Meyer Sound ULTRA-X20—at a glance: 

  • Exceptional fidelity and surprising power capability delivered in a compact, elegant and light aluminum enclosure
  • Extraordinarily flat amplitude and phase response ensures tonal accuracy and precise imaging
  • Wide pattern covers broad listening areas
  • Rotatable horn provides installation flexibility
  • Integral stand mount and QuickFly® mounting options facilitate rigging
  • An innovative, highly efficient class D amplifier reproduces any sound source with linearity over a wide dynamic range
  • The small-size cabinet weighs only 27 lb. (12.3 kg)
  • Its concentric driver configuration has all the benefits of a coaxial driver, yet none of the disadvantages. In addition, this configuration supports directional control of frequencies down to 600Hz.
  • The extremely well-behaved rotatable horn was designed for very precise, even coverage. This horn design, in conjunction with the concentric driver configuration, delivers the same pattern regardless of orientation

Meyer Sound ULTRA-X20—Parsing the Details 

Featuring a proprietary, high-frequency horn, the beam-width of the ULTRA-X20 remains consistent within close tolerances in both the horizontal and vertical planes, and also across the horn’s operating frequency range. Uniformly predictable polar behavior takes much of the guesswork out of system design and assures optimal system performance. Designed for space-challenged venues or the aesthetic need for an unobtrusive system, the ULTRA-X20 measures just 7-7/16″ wide by 19-3/64″ high by 8-19/32″ deep, but packs a mighty punch, delivering 123.5dB peak SPL measured using M-Noise*. It features two 5″ cone drivers and a 2″ compression driver in concentric configuration for more consistent pattern control below the crossover point.

*Meyer Sound’s M-Noise is a test signal that promotes standardized measurement of a loudspeaker system’s maximum linear output. A mathematically derived test signal that effectively emulates the dynamic characteristics of music, M-Noise enables far more accurate measurement of a loudspeaker system’s linear peak SPL in any application requiring reproduction of musical content.

Customizable coverage 

The ULTRA-X20 rotatable horn produces precise, even coverage regardless of orientation. For optimal coverage in any scenario, it’s available in three Constant-Q horn variants, The ULTRA-X20 features a 110° x 50° horn, while the ULTRA-X22 provides more controlled 80° x 50° coverage and the ULTRA-X23’s horn provides a wider 110° x 110° coverage.

Engineered with versatility in mind

The ULTRA-X20 can be used as the foundation of a compact main system or to supplement a larger system. You can extend low-frequency power by pairing the ULTRA-X20 with Meyer Sound’s USW-112P subwoofer, 750-LFC low-frequency control element, or USW-210P subwoofer. The ULTRA-X20 is natively aligned with the 750-LFC for quick and easy deployment in portable applications.

If you can conceive it, you can create it

Four integral M8 rigging points allow a range of configurations including pole mounting, hanging, wall mounting, or ceiling mounting in horizontal or vertical orientation, at any angle. Four M6 points on the heat sink are compatible with most industry-standard wall mount brackets. Optional accessories include a 35mm-to-M8 pole adapter, U-bracket, yoke, and a pinnable link that facilitates hanging of single or multiple units from a single pick-up point. The lightweight aluminum enclosure can be outfitted in optional weather protection and custom color finishes.

Ultra-efficient Class-D amplification plus DSP

ULTRA-X20 is powered by a three-channel, 860-watt peak Class D digital amplifier with a sophisticated DSP package including electronic crossover, correction filters for phase and frequency response, and driver-protection circuitry. Phase-corrected electronics ensure flat acoustical amplitude and phase response for exceptional impulse response and precise imaging.

Monitor performance from Mac or PC

System management is not something you want to leave to chance. That’s why Ultra-X20 loudspeakers are compatible with Meyer Sound’s RMS platform, which lets you monitor essential performance parameters right from your Mac or Windows PC running Compass control software.

Intelligent power solutions for peace of mind

The Ultra-X20 incorporates Meyer Sound’s IntelligentAC technology, which auto-selects correct operating voltage, suppresses high voltage transients, filters EMI, and provides soft-start power-up. The ULTRA-X20XP loudspeaker variant incorporates IntelligentDC technology, which receives balanced audio and DC power from a single composite cable—eliminating the need for conduit and allowing for longer, lighter-gauge cable runs.

Versatile connectivity

The ULTRA-X20 may be configured with any of three connector panel options. Two AC-powered versions feature looping Powercon connectors with either 3-pin or 5-pin XLR audio I/O and RMS remote monitoring; an IntelligentDC variant receives audio and DC power over a single cable via its 5-pin Phoenix connector.


  • Multi-purpose Audio/Visual
  • Corporate rental
  • Houses of worship
  • Conference rooms
  • High-end private installations
  • Retail spaces
  • Theater

If sound is your product, it should be Meyer Sound. For assistance integrating a Meyer Sound system, call or chat online with your Parson’s Audio Professional.

Meyer Sound ULTRA-X20 Specifications:


  • Operating frequency range: 60Hz – 18kHz
  • Phase response: 100Hz – 16kHz ±45°
  • Linear peak SPL1: 123.5dB (M-noise), 121.5dB (Pink Noise), 121dB (B-noise)


  • Rotatable horn: 110° x 50° (ULTRA-X20); 80°x 50° (ULTRA-X22); 110° x 110° (ULTRA-X23)


Low frequency

  • Two 5″ cone drivers

High Frequency

  • One 2″ diaphragm compression driver connected to a rotatable horn



  • XLR 3 female input with male loop output. Optional XLR 5-pin connector to accommodate both balanced audio and RMS signals

Input Level

  • Audio source must be capable of producing of +20 dBV (10V RMS) into 600 ohms to produce the maximum peak SPL over the operating bandwidth of the loudspeaker



  • 3-channel, Class-D

Total Output Power2

  • 860W peak



  • powerCON 20 input with loop output

Safety-rated voltage range

  • 100–240V AC, 50–60Hz

Current Draw (Maximum Long-term continuous current >10 sec):

  • 5A RMS (115 V AC)


Dimensions (WHD)

  • 7-7/16″ x H: 19-3/64″ x 8-11/16″ (189 x 484 x 220 mm)


  • 27 lb. (12.3 kg)


  • Aluminum with slightly textured black finish

Protective Grille

  • Powder-coated, round-perforated steel



  1. Linear Peak SPL is measured in free-field at 4 m referred to 1 m. Loudspeaker SPL compression measured with M-noise at the onset of limiting, 2-hour duration, and 50 °C ambient temperature is < 2dB.
  • M-noise is a full bandwidth (10Hz–22.5 kHz) test signal developed by Meyer Sound to better measure a loudspeaker’s music performance. It has a constant instantaneous peak level in octave bands, a crest factor that increases with frequency, and a full bandwidth Peak to RMS ratio of 18dB.
  • Pink noise is a full bandwidth test signal with Peak to RMS ratio of 12.5 dB. B-noise is a Meyer Sound test signal used to ensure measurements reflect system behavior when reproducing the most common input spectrum, and to verify there is still headroom over pink noise.
  1. Peak power based on the maximum unclipped peak voltage the amplifier will produce into the nominal load impedance.


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