Microtech Gefell M 940 Stereo Matched Pair with Mounts




M 930 with cardioid directional pattern

M 940 with super-cardioid directional pattern

M 950 with wide-cardioid directional pattern

The exceptionally low self noise floor of these microphones, 6 respectively 7 dbA, the extremely high output level and the very low RFI susceptibility emphasize their practical value for stereo recordings.

The attractive shape of the currently smallest, extremely compact large diaphragm microphones makes possible stereo recordings in XY-technology, picture 1 or ORTF-arrangement, picture 2.

The XY-technology is the most widely used intensity stereophony. That can be favourably realised by a coincident arrangement of two mono microphones with considerable directional pattern. Both microphones are adjusted against each other in an angle of 45°-180° according to the recording situation.

Also, the ORTF-arrangement of the microphones, developed by the French broadcasting, can be easy handled as a variable solution. The M 930, M 940 or M 950 are mounted on the TD 93 tandem in a distance of 170 mm and an angle of 110° – adjusted to ORTF -. Distance and angle can be adjusted according to the demand. Transmission time and intensity differences of the signals are used for ORTF-stereo recordings. Optionally for

ORTF-stereo recordings the EH 93 elastic suspension can be used instead of the MH 93.1 stand adapter.

Together with the specifically microphone holders, SH 93 stereo holder and TD 93 tandem, a cost effective equivalent to a stereo microphone can be offered.

The M 930, M 940 or M 950 are delivered as matched pairs for that applications.

Finish: satin nickel, dark bronze.