Microtech Gefell M910

The Gefell M-910 features Supurb Off-axis rejection for the studio and stage.


The condenser microphone M 910 is for the recording of instrumental and vocal soloists in the professional area has been developed. Its balanced frequency response in both the free field and in the diffuse field and the correspondingly strong directional characteristics allow a clean and discoloration-free recording of any Sound sources with good selectivity. For use as a soloist microphone this is in the Frequency response optimized M 910 to prefer.  Undercuts of the recommended minimum recommended distance of 20 to 30 cm for condenser microphones result of the proximity effect to a deep-toned discoloration of the sound image.

An acoustic filter integrated into the protective cage reduces the pop sensitivity. The response of the M 900 is axial, ie in the longitudinal direction of the microphone and favored by the ergonomic design the use as a soloist microphone. The converter element adapted to the requirements of modern technology is gold-plated Equipped plastic membrane. The newly developed transformerless impedance transformer with symmetrical output stage ensures the high sensitivity and low noise.

In conjunction with the advantages of the microphone capsules is a high brilliance of Transmission of sound events achieved. The sunk in the central region of the amplifier arranged switch each allow the connection of a 10 dB pre-attenuation for very high levels and the reduction of the transmission rate for low frequencies to compensate for the proximity effect. At the bottom of the microphone amplifier is a 3-pin XLR connector for connection to the Microphone connection cable C 70. The power supply is provided by the 48 volt phantom power, which is called P 48 in DIN 45596 and IEC 268-15 are internationally standardized.



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