Microtech Gefell M960

Small Form Diffuse field Omni


The studio microphone M 960 combines proven large-diaphragm capsule technology with the latest semiconductor circuit technology.
It is designed for professional and semi-professional users who place the highest demands on their equipment.

The M 960 is suitable for use in radio and recording studios.
Possible applications are: recordings outside the reverberation radius in choral or orchestral performances,
e.g. in concert halls, churches and theaters.

The Einsprechrichtung of the microphone is axial.


The used condenser microphone capsule is designed for the diffuse sound field.  It has an emphasis on the treble in the 4 kHz to 12 kHz range. The novel circuit design of the impedance converter allows due to  the extended control range, the detailed transmission of low sound levels and the distortion-free imaging of very high sound pressure.

The holder of the M 960 can be rotated using the supplied holder MH 93.1 or optionally MH 93. This holder can be replaced if necessary against the elastic holder EH 93 for damping structure-borne noise.
The M 960 microphone is equipped with a 3-pin XLR plug for connecting a microphone cable, e.g. C 70, equipped. Power is supplied in standardized 48V phantom power in accordance with DIN EN 61938 or IEC 1938.
The microphone is made dark bronze in color.


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