Microtech Gefell M990

Tube condenser microphone



· high transmission factor
· big noise gap
· modern M930 capsule
· large area, gold-coated plastic membrane
· Tube preamplifier with EF86

The M 990 is characterized by a high transmission factor and therefore a large noise level.

It combines modern large-diaphragm capsule technology with the warm, full sound typical of tube microphones, which is particularly preferred by singers and instrumental soloists.

The tube microphone M 990 is suitable for difficult tasks of radio play production as well as for use as a support microphone in orchestral recordings.

The new pressure gradient receiver of the M 990 works with a large, gold-coated plastic membrane.

The tube amplifier is equipped with a triode-working pentode, which is selected for its acoustic behavior.

The power supply unit N 920.1 supplies the operating voltage to the tube microphone. It can be operated with mains voltages of 115 or 230 V / 50 Hz or 60 Hz. For cable lengths from approx. 50 m it is recommended to set the heating voltage to 5.8 V by your service workshop in the power supply unit, measured at the microphone.

The N 920.1 is equipped with the on / off switch, the 7-pin Tuchel connector for the microphone connection, the 3-pin
XLR connector for the audio output and the device plug equipped with integrated voltage selector switch.

The microphone is made in dark bronze.