Roland Juno 106 with KIWI-106 Upgrade


Pre owned, in excellent condition

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This ‘Roland KIWI-106’ is in excellent condition, and is part of an exclusive studio collection that Parsons Audio is offering.

The Kiwi106 Upgrade features:- • 512 Patches can be stored and edited. 128 Factory Patches are preloaded. • Patches are stored in Flash memory so no battery is required. • Bend Controls (DCO, VCF Bend, LFO Mod Level & Portamento) are stored with the Patch • MidiCC & Sysex support for all parameters and Midi Sysex support for Patch Dump & Load • NRPN & Sysex variable parameter control supports 12 bit for 4096 parameter steps • Patch Editor Control of Parameters (PE firmware v5.2 or higher). A free PC/MAC editor is available from • Key Assign Modes are Poly I&II, Unison Legato & Staccato, Mono Legato & Staccato • Pedal & Front Panel Button Note Hold modes • Portamento in all modes • DCO Key Assign Detune available in all key modes except mono • Internal Master Clock that can be used to clock the Arp, Sequence and/or Pattern and can optionally generate a midi clock. Master Clock options are Internal, External or Midi. • Two independent envelope generators. Each ENV Mod can select from ENV 1 or 2 and be Inverted or Normal • Two independent Low Frequency Oscillators with 6 waveforms each. LFO2 random2 wave can be clocked from the Internal clock. Each LFO Mod can select from LFO 1 or 2. LFOs can be plus and minus base note or plus base note only. Each LFO Mod can be inverted. • Aftertouch, Modulation Level and Dynamics via midi. Dynamics can optionally control the VCA and/or VCF. The Dynamics have been modeled on the Juno-2 with both the VCF & VCA mod turned on by default for a more natural and expressive play. This brings new life to every patch in the Kiwi-106. • Arp/Seq/Pattern Clocks can optionally display on the KeyT LED and LFO 1 and LFO 2 clocks can optionally display on the Group lights • Key transpose allows transposition to any key with a range of plus 2 or minus 1 octaves. Sequencer key can be shifted while playing • Can be fitted to HS-60, Juno-106S or Juno-106 models. This needs a keyboard mount to be removed but this will not effect the synth. • Comes with metal Label