Schoeps MSTC 64 U

ORTF Stereo Microphone


The Schoeps MSTC 64 U is particularly impressive in that it usually also gives very good results without spot microphones. In addition, its placement is relatively unimportant, making it suitable for the rather inexperienced or hasty user. Set-up is quick and easy because only a single stand and cable are required and the capsule distance and the offset angle of the capsules to each other don’t need to be adjusted.

At the output of the MSTC 64 is an XLR-5M plug to which e.g. the stereophonic cable KS 5 U, or the breakout AK SU/2U is connected.


  • Stereo microphone for recording using the ORTF technique
  • excellent stereophonic characteristics: very good localization, very good spatial quality
  • preferred use as a main microphone for recording ensembles and choirs or as a stereophonic spot microphone

The MSTC 64 is one of SCHOEPS’ bestsellers. Its compact elegance and excellent spatial quality make it a classic in the sound engineer’s standard portfolio.

This microphone consists of a T-shaped two-channel microphone amplifier, in which two paired MK 4 cardioid capsules are screwed onto. They are arranged at a distance of 170 mm at an angle of 110° to each other, as required for the ORTF method.


For outdoor use, a wind basket, e.g. the CINELA Albert or a CINELA OSIX with a single windshield is recommended.

Alternatively, the ORTF Outdoor Set can be used which employs single CCM microphones in an ORTF arrangement.


Pickup pattern Cardioid (2× MK 4)
Frequency range 40 Hz – 26 kHz
Sensitivity -36,5 dB (V/Pa), 15 mV/Pa
Equivalent noise level (A-weighted) 14 dB
Equivalent noise level (CCIR) 24 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted) 80 dB
Maximum sound pressure level (THD < 0.5 %) 131 dB-SPL
Maximum output voltage 1 V (0 dBV) with 1 kΩ load
Low cut filter 30 Hz, 6 dB/oct.
Minimum recommended load impedance 1 kΩ
Output impedance 35 Ω
Maximum cable length > 300 m
Powering standard / Valid range P48 / >24 V

P12 / >11 V

Current consumption 4 mA per channel
Common mode rejection ratio (at 1 kHz) > 60 dB
Output XLR-5M, analog, 2 channels
Distance between the microphones 17 cm
Recording angle 95°
Weight 232 g (with capsules)
Surface finish matte gray (g) or custom color
Stereophonic recording technique ORTF


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