SPL Audio Gain Station 1 AD w/Digital Output

Microphone and Instrument Preamplifier

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The GainStation 1 is a single channel high-end preamplifier featuring a 60V audio rail.

This preamplifier combines Class-A Clean Gain with sound-shaping Tube Gain in a compact design that allows for free placing close to the microphone or on top of an amplifier.

The GainStation 1 is the premium recording front end, ensuring that any microphone and instrument signal is pre-amplified with the highest quality.

The quality of your recordings has a major influence on the subsequent mixing process – good recordings require less processing in later stages. Improved transparence and understandability can be achieved with less equalization and compression if the signals are recorded optimally, often allowing individual signals to be mixed at lower levels without compromising their presence.

Frequency response:

– ‹1Hz-310kHz (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain off)
– ‹1Hz-125kHz (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain 1dB)


– 0.0005% (Clean Gain 24dB, Tube Gain off, output level +6dB, 20-22kHz)
– 0.032% (Clean Gain 23dB, Tube Gain 1dB, output level +6dB, 20-22kHz)


– -95.4dBu (Clean Gain 10dB, Tube Gain off, A-weighted)
– -91.8dBu (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain aus, A-weighted)
– -67.2dBu (Clean Gain 60dB, Tube Gain aus, A-weighted)
– -86.4dBu (Clean Gain 20dB, Tube Gain 10dB, A-weighted)
– E.I.N.: 127.2dB (Clean Gain 60dB, Tube Gain off, A-weighted, 40Ohm)
– Dynamic range: ›130dB (20-22kHz, A-weighted)
– Common Mode Rejection: ›80dB (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain off, 1kHz, Input -30dBu)
– Maximum Output Level: +34dBu
– Max. Input Level: (Mic Input, Hi-Z Input): +17dBu
– Input Impedance: (Instrument Input): ›1MOhm
– Output impedance: ›75Ohm
– Slew Rate: ›40V/µs (Clean Gain 30dB, Tube Gain off, output Level +6dB)
– Phantom power: 48V +/-2V
– Power consumption (w/o AD converter): 25W

Housing & Weight:
– (W x H x D): 106 x 122 x 271 mm; 4.17“ x 4.8“ x 10.67“
– Weight (without Lundahl transformer and AD converter): 2,65 kg, 5.84lbs

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 5 × 5 in