SPL Audio Madison MADI Interface

16+16 Channel MADI Interface


Madison combines state of the art signal conversion with highly reliable clock and MADI processing. And as a true SPL unit it is simple to operate, easy to expand and, of course, an awesome sounding conversion system.

Combined with the Madicon USB3 interface this system features SmartMADI®, which allows daisy chaining Madison converters and communicating sample rate changes through the MADI stream to connected Madisons.

As a company with a rich heritage in analog audio engineering, it has always been our idea to put all our knowledge into the analog sections of a converter. Excellent converter technology requires an appropriate analog environment, and that is where a true difference can be made – a difference against existing solutions, and a difference in sound of course.

Where ever you may have a need for reliable and pure conversion of multiple analog audio channels, the Madison meets your demand brilliantly.

Since MADI is the emerging new studio I/O standard, the Madison is the perfect interface for home and project studios, commercial recording studios and scoring stages.

Converter and Connections

– Resolution: 24 Bit
– Sample Rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz
– Varispeed: ±12.5% in 56 CH mode, -12,5% in 64 CH mode
– Reference Levels/Inputs: 24dBu max, selectable 22dBu, 18dBu, 15dBu
– Reference Levels/Outputs: 24dBu max, selectable 22dBu, 18dBu, 15dBu
– Clock: Internal clock circuitry from SPL, Wordclock or MADI
– Expandability: 4 units via MADI chain for 64 channels
– Wordclock: Input 75 ohms, terminated impedance
– Wordclock Level: Input TTL/CMOS5/CMOS3; Output 3.3Vtt
– MADI channels@44,1 & 48kHz: 56/64ch
– MADI channels@2x 44,1 & 48K: 28/32ch
– MADI channels@4x 44,1 & 48K: 14/16ch
– MADI formats@2x 44,1 & 48K, 4x 44,1 & 48kHz: SMUX/HighSpeed
– Audio Inputs
– 16 analog, balanced inputs, DB25/Tascam
– MADI optical digital input (up to 64 channels)
– Audio Outputs
– 16 analog, balanced outputs, DB25/Tascam
– MADI optical digital output (up to 64 channels)

Analog Inputs/Measurements

– S/N: 115dB (A-weighted, 48kHz)
– Dynamic Range: 115dB (-60dBfs, A-weighted, 48kHz)
– S/(N+D): 102dB ( -1dBfs, 48kHz)
– Interchannel Isolation: 110dB (48kHz)
– Passband Response: 22kHz (-0.02dB, 48kHz)
– Passband Ripple: +/- 0.005dB (Decimation-LPF, 48kHz)
– Stopband Attenuation: 100dB (Decimation-LPF, 48kHz)

Analog Outputs/Measurements

– S/N: 115dB (A-weighted, 48kHz)
– Dynamic Range: 115dB (-60dBfs, A-weighted, 48kHz)
– S/(N+D): 100dB (-1dBfs, 48kHz)
– Interchannel Isolation: 110dB (48kHz)
– Passband Response: 21.8kHz (-0.04dB, 48kHz)
– Passband Ripple: +/- 0.06dB (Digital Filter, 48kHz)
– Stopband Attenuation: 70dB (Digital Filter, 48kHz)

Rear Connections

– 1 IEC power connector
– USB Type A socket (no audio, firmware updates only)
– Wordclock input via BNC socket with Termination switch
– Wordclock output via BNC socket with Termination switch
– MADI optical input, Type SC
– MADI optical output, Type SC
– 2 x DB25 8-channel analog inputs (Tascam)
– 2 x DB25 8-channel analog outputs (Tascam)

Power Supply, BTU, Dimensions & Weight

– Power supply: Switching power supply: 90-264 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 35W max.
– Thermal Units: 65 BTU/h typ., 110 BTU/h max.
– Dimensions (HxWxD, mm):44x482x260 (without sockets T =240)
– Mass 3,05 kg (3,17 with second power supply)

Additional information

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions11 × 19 × 2 in