Tascam Model24

Recording. Reinvented.

Multi-Track Live Recording Console

24 Channel Multitrack Recorder with Integrated USB Audio Interface and Analog Mixer


TASCAM has continuously been providing industry-leading recording solutions for decades, such as the

TASCAM 38 Open Reel 8-track, the DA-88 Digital 8-track and the legendary Portastudio Cassette and

Digital Multitrack recorders. TASCAM now builds on this legacy to deliver a new classic: the Model 24

Multitrack Recorder/Mixer/Interface.

Whether used for rehearsal, live shows or studio production, this triple-function recording console

perfectly meets the needs of today’s working and recording musician

Simple, Intuitive Design

One glance is all you need. The TASCAM Model 24 was developed for easy and immediate operation,

with everything you need placed right at your fingertips. 100mm faders allow for precise control over

volume. A full set of familiar EQ and Auxiliary knobs remove the need to menu diving, and all

input/output connections are all on the surface for quick and easy access.

The Model 24 is truly a modern take on a classic design.

TASCAM’s Revolutionary Recording Technology

Featuring 16 high-grade TASCAM mic preamps in addition to multiple sets of stereo line inputs, the

Model 24 delivers studio quality audio performance right from the start. When it’s time to record The

TASCAM Model 24 allows musicians and engineers to capture up to 24 tracks simultaneously (at

24bit/48kHz resolution) directly to the SD card, with the ability to support punch in/out 8 tracks at the

same time. And once the take is done, the Model 24 can easily playback any or all of the recorded tracks

through the console for immediate mixdown.

Flexible Connectivity

In addition to the studio quality mic preamps and powerful EQ and routing options the Model 24

features a dedicated stereo channel 1/8”, dual RCA Bluetooth™ connectivity. This allows users to easily

integrate mobiles devices into the mix for rehearsal playback, walk-in music and more. Finally, the

TASCAM Model 24 can also act as a powerful audio interface and will connect directly to your PC or Mac

for easy integration with your DAW of choice.

Durability and Reliability

Designed to be both lightweight and rugged, the Model 24 can easily be carried from studio to stage

with the confidence that TASCAM’s legendary reliability will keep the music going.