Ethan Gilson


Ethan Gilson, a graduate of Emerson College (1998, BFA, Design Technology – Lighting), has 25+ years of experience working in the entertainment rigging and lighting industry. He began his career as an equipment specialist/technician, and, upon completing his degree, took on the role of lighting designer at Advanced Lighting and Production Services, Inc. (ALPS). As his career developed, Gilson distinguished himself as a rigging specialist—designing rigging systems for portable and permanent installations. Today, he is the owner of Entertainment Rigging Services LLC, a company that specializes in entertainment rigging inspections, training, & design. Gilson has worked in venues of diverse size and function including, but not limited to hotel ballrooms, Las Vegas convention centers and arenas, New York theatres, and outdoor festivals.

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November 15, 2019
Rigging Hardware: Isn’t it all the same?
Grace Ballroom
1:30pm  -  2:45pm