VENUE systems are tailored to fit a wide array of needs; they’re ideally suited for concerts, clubs, houses of worship, festivals, theaters, broadcast studios, and more.
  • Get the features you need by optimizing your VENUE system with the I/O, routing, and options that you require

  • Set yourself above the pack by providing a system that can produce incredible mixes with clarity, warmth

  • Easily integrate the same plug-ins used in many recording studios

  • Snapshot automation allows instant session recall

  • Use Virtual Soundcheck to prepare for your event

  • Easily record and archive performances via Pro Tools integration for instant playback and sales

  • Automixing allows users to make multiple simultaneous mix changes without missing a beat

  • Proven durability, built for life on the road and in extreme conditions

  • Easily scale up for larger productions, or down for smaller events, tight spaces, and  easy storage


Avid Venue | S3 Control Surface & E3 Engine

Avid Venue | S6L-24 Control Surface

Avid Venue | S6L-24D Control Surface

Avid Venue | S6L-32D Control Surface

Avid Venue | S6L-24-144 Control Surface

Avid Venue | S6L-24-192 Control Surface


Avid VENUE System