About Us

Parsons Audio is a leading dealer in professional audio products in New England, Florida, and beyond. We offer hundreds of mid- to high-end product lines—perhaps the widest choice of good stuff anywhere. We also have great deals on used gear and rental gear.
We offer installation services to help ensure that the gear you buy is set up correctly, right from the start.

We’re not just another e-commerce website; we personally work with you to help you select the right gear or setup. The better we know you and your work flow, the more useful we can be to you and the better the deals will be. No e-commerce site in the world can do that for you.
We stand behind what we sell with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Either it’s right and aids your workflow as expected, or we make it right, period. We are easy to reach by email at sales@paudio.com or by phone at (781) 431-8708.

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