Roger Talkov

Managing Partner
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“I love great sounding equipment, rooms and recordings.”

Industry veteran Roger Talkov has been working in audio for over 40 years, hence his gray hair. Roger attended the University of Miami and Berklee College of Music, followed by 11 years at NYC’s Hit Factory, earning him the reputation of one of the most requested engineers at the facility. Roger’s credits include Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Keith Richards, Michael Bolton, Whitney Houston, Bon Jovi and others. Roger also did a brief live sound stint with the Amnesty International World Tour. After serving as Director of Partnering Programs at Sonic Solutions, Roger went into business for himself, founding DVDLabs, in Cambridge, Mass., a new media leader that created some of the first HD audio discs. Seven years ago, he joined Parsons and the rest is history. He works tirelessly as a volunteer in his hometown of Swampscott and also holds a Coast Guard Masters License.

Rick Scott

Sales Weasel
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With over 25 years of sales experience at Parsons Audio, Rick is the only alum of the “old” Parsons among the new owners.  He is a founding member of the musical group Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, serves on the Executive Committee of the Boston AES, and is a man of few words (unless you get him talking about cars, the Red Sox, microbrews or gear!).  Rick owns a vintage motorcycle and would be an avid rider if he had any spare time

William Castro

VP of Sales
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A professional sound engineer and acoustician, Castro has more than 20 years of experience working in the music and entertainment industry, including working directly with international record labels and urban and Latin urban music artists. In the past two decades, Castro has provided strategic counsel for music studio owners, artists, and investors looking to finance and launch their own music studios. He has also designed and overseen the building of numerous music studios in Puerto Rico, Florida, and New York City. Willy also records and mixes music intended for international consumer audiences and has vast experience in international pro audio e-commerce.

Adam J. Brass

VP of Sales
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Following studies at the New England Institute of Art with more than a decade of audio engineering work and pro audio sales, Adam specializes in high-end audio equipment setups. Whether you have an advanced Pro Tools setup question or just need help with a basic engineering technique, Adam always goes above and beyond by personalizing his support for each client’s specific needs.

Cat Reuthe

Sales Support
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Cat earned her BS in Communications with an emphasis on Audio in 2008 from the New England School of Communications. Prior to joining the Parsons family in 2011, she worked as an Assistant Engineer at East Coast Recording Company in Warminster, PA. Cat has become an integral part of the Parsons team, wearing many hats and helping keep everyone in line as the Office Manager. When she’s not busy answering audio questions, Cat can be found spending time with her plethora of pets at home, enjoying the great outdoors with her boyfriend, or visiting family in New Hampshire.

Steve Wirtes

Sales Support
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Steve studied Audio Engineering at The New England Institute of Art, graduating in 2012. Previously, he’s worked as a Technical Support Representative for Bose, as well as Assistant Engineer at Labrador Studios, where he continues to freelance. Steve joined Parsons in early 2016 assisting with sales and installations. Living close to the city allows him to pursue his niche of recording standup comedy albums. Also an avid podcast enthusiast, Steve’s non-audio spare time is usually spent paddle-boarding and clamming with family down on Cape Cod in beautiful Onset.

Marko Freedman

Partner & VP of whatever is left
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Marko is a recording engineer/studio owner (Labrador Studios) and working musician of over 40 years. Marko understands the needs of the home recording enthusiast as well as the discerning professional, always staying current with the latest market conditions and emerging trends. Marko’s friendly and wacky demeanor makes it easy to talk to him and utilize his wealth of experience both as a recording studio owner and as a musician while providing great insight into the workings of the music industry. Marko’s also a board certified Physician Assistant and a professor at Tufts Medical School. So, if you need a prescription for an audio problem or even something more personal, Marko is your man.

Morgan Chasse

Sales Support
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Morgan received her Bachelor of Science in Communications: Audio Engineering at New England School of Communications in Bangor, ME in 2016. Prior to joining the Parsons team, she was an intern at Soundtrack Boston, Editbar, and Sweet Rickey. Since her mid college years, she has been a freelance live sound engineer, AV technician, and location recording engineer on the side. In her free time she enjoys boarding (snow and skate), being active, playing a plethora of instruments, and enjoying the people around her.

Ken Furutani

Technical Services
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Ken has been working in Professional Audio, video and the IT industry since 1983 as a technician, installer and systems and facility designer. Ken is the go-to person at Boston’s Symphony Hall among other larger venues for Parsons Audio. Ken enjoys working with architects, designers and project team members and occasionally can be seen on the slopes or fishing on the Cape.

Hendrik Gideonse

Audio and Acoustic Consultant
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Hendrik Gideonse is an expert in studio design and acoustic treatment.  He has extensive experience in designing and supervising the construction of recording studios, performance spaces, and academic critical listening classrooms.

He has 25 years of audio engineering experience, starting as a live audio engineer with Tufts Lighting, Sound and Video. Hendrik comes from an academic background and has masters degrees in Music Composition and Sound Recording Technology.

He taught audio at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, the New England Institute of Art and Bunker Hill Community College.  Hendrik invented the Acoustic Ramp, a wedge-shaped, 2D diffuser.

Matt Dailey

Install Technician
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Matt Dailey hails from Dover, NH. He graduated cum laude from New England School of Communications at Husson University with a B.S. in Communications Technology (Live Sound concentration) in May, 2017. He has experience in Audio from small bars up through theatrical productions and festivals. During his free time Matt can typically be found taking photos, making music or watching movies.

Zachary Lacroix

System Technician
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Zachary studied Live Sound Technology at Husson University’s New England School of Communications and graduated in 2019. He is excited to work on sound systems of all sizes, and always loves to learn about what’s new in software and hardware. Before coming to Parsons, Zachary worked as freelance in AV production around Boston and in theaters at home and college. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing, biking, and hiking, but can also be found tinkering with his car or computer.

Dan Sweeney

Sales Support

Dan studied Sound Design and Audio Post-Production at Emerson College, graduating with a BA in 2016. Prior to joining Parsons, he worked a variety of jobs in audio and music, including running live sound and a music studio activity at a summer camp, working for a music distribution company, and helping students in Emerson’s audio facilities. In his free time, he writes, records, and releases his own music and also assists with the operation of two independent record labels. He also loves to ride his bike and explore the outdoors.

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