If you are studying to be part of the audio business, we are here to help with spectacular deals on the gear you want and need. Check out the education store–if your college isn’t listed, send us an email and we’ll be happy to correct the oversight. If there are things that you want and don’t see in our online store, just ask. You’ll find we’re very accommodating.

Learning about the gear and how the pros do what they do is a big part of getting better at your engineering skills, whether you are a student or an engineer with years of experience. We think you’ll find some helpful information in the collection of videos from our suppliers and friends in the industry.


  1. Parsons Audio has over 24 years of experience designing custom audio solutions for the education community.

  2. Parsons Audio tailors gear and installations to maximize an institution’s desired learning outcomes and pedagogical requirements.

  3. Parsons Audio has an on-site customer representative dedicated to education venues who understands education’s particular needs because he spent much of his career working in audio education at the college level.

  4. Parsons Audio engineers and staff are current on the latest developments to keep pace with the ever-evolving technological needs of education.

  5. Parsons Audio personnel include graduates from the audio education community who have first hand knowledge of the importance of student exploration.

  6. Parsons Audio keeps in touch making sure that your communication is with a real person with real experience in real time.

  7. Parsons Audio stands by its service after every sale; if there’s a problem, we work hard to solve it.

  8. Parsons Audio understands that great gear means great education and we make sure that your institution gets the biggest bang for your scarce bucks.

  9. Parsons Audio sponsors its annual Expo onNovember 2, 2017 welcoming you and your students to experience some of the biggest names in studio and live sound business. Check out our workshops, lectures and displays.

  10. Parsons Audio is sensitive to budget constraints and our staff work creatively with vendors to provide top quality gear at affordable school prices. Call us!