Avid Pro Tools 2018

Write. Record. Make Your Mark.

Express your voice with Pro Tools 2018.
The industry standard is within reach. Creating music and audio for film/TV has never been easier, and now you can connect with an elite network of musicians, mixers, and producers from anywhere on the globe.


Smoother, faster workflow

Music making and audio post-production have never been easier than with Pro Tools 2018. Recent updates include Track Presets (a huge time saver!), MIDI enhancement, improved playlist views, and more, all designed to make Pro Tools 2018 the most efficient DAW on the market.

Live Sound

Raising the Bar

Avid’s VENUE product line elevates the standard for live sound systems. Optimized for maximum efficiency, control, and flexibility, the VENUE systems are easy to use and well-suited for all types of performances, in both large and small venues. Avid worked with some of the world’s leading mix engineers to develop this highly innovative live sound console.